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NordVPN Review

NordVPN is one of the more well known options for VPNs. Well-known for it’s high speeds, high amounts of features, and a no-log policy, NordVPN is a great option for those who want a privacy focused, yet fast VPN. At time of writing, NordVPN has 5494 servers, based in 60 countries – allowing you to connect close by you, increasing speed, and using servers with less load.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at performance, privacy features, and various other features such as specialist servers such as P2P and double VPN.

TheoTown Review – A City Builder for Mobile and Desktop

If you played the older SimCity games, you’ll probably recognise the feel and style of TheoTown. TheoTown is a surprisingly in-depth city builder game that originated on Android and iOS, before being ported over to Steam. I’m a huge fan of city builders – SimCity 2000 was one of the first games I played, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours on City Skylines.

TheoTown is an excellent game that can keep you occupied for hours on both mobile and PC. With no in-app purchases, you pay once and can play forever. In addition to this, various plugins can be downloaded free, enhancing your experience further.

The 5 Best To-Do List Apps – 2019

Whatever you do, it’s often tricky to stay on top of your tasks. Most people these days use lists – whether on a notebook or on a basic reminders app. However, lots of people are looking for more refined, and advanced systems. In this post, you’ll be able to see the top five task apps, along with their pros and cons.

I’ve kept it at five as it means you don’t have to go doing in-depth research into each app – choosing the right app can be difficult, so this post will let you spend less time doing research and more time being productive.

Jetpack for WordPress Speed Guide

If you are running a WordPress self hosted site, you’ll have probably come across Jetpack. Whilst it has some great features such as lazy loading and a free CDN, it can be slow. I eventually moved off of it onto Cloudflare as a CDN of sorts, as the plugin, is to put it bluntly, quite bloated. However, it’s pretty easy to trim Jetpack down to just the parts you want.

A Guide to Speeding up Newspaper, a Theme by tagDiv

Newspaper is one of the the most popular themes out there, but out of the box it can be pretty slow. In this guide, I’ll take you through hosting, caching, optimisation on both the server and front end, and finally a few more advanced options. All of the included tips are free, and you won’t need to spend any money on extra plugins.

I’ll be assuming you have self hosted WordPress with the ability to access files via FTP.

My iPhone Home Screen – Mid 2019

Every half a year or so I like to post a new update on my home screen. I’ve done a few of these posts before, however my home screen does change quite a bit over time. So, in this post, I’ll take you through my new home screen and what I use the various apps for. I’ll also link my wallpaper for those who want to use it too.

My iPhone homescreen.

Track Subreddits and Users New Posts with Alerts for Reddit

If you’ve ever been in the market for a used PC, or want to keep up to date on news or hobbies, you’ll know that Reddit is a great resource. Alerts for Reddit allows you to get alerts from a certain subreddit, user, or thread – you can also customise the frequency of these alerts.

For those looking to snap up parts on /r/hardwareswaps, or just keep up to date with your favourite thread, user, or hobbies, Alerts for Reddit is a great app for those who use Reddit.

Infuse 6 Review

Infuse is for people with large local media libraries. For those who use Plex, have shows on USB sticks or cloud storage, Infuse is perfect for. With the ability to get content from FTP to cloud storage, Infuse is the perfect media for solution for people who want to watch their local library on the go.

Simply start of by pointing the app to your sources, and it’ll take nearly everything, from a USB plugged in a router, to a WebDAV server.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is the best budget fitness tracker you’ll find online. With the ability to track exercise, heart rate and sleep, the Mi Band 3 has nearly all the features of the Fitbit Charge 3, but for under a quarter of the price.

At £26.99, the Mi Band 3 is a great choice for those who want fitness tracking at an affordable price, but still get all the features they need, including a OLED screen and app notifications.

BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 True Wireless Earphones Review

I’ve been using the BlitzWolf BW-FYE1 as my daily drivers since I received them, and was delighted to be able to review the FYE5, a different version of them.

These come in a small pill shaped charging case, with small circle shaped earphones. With 1.5 hours of continuous listening, and the ability to be charged 3 times by the case, the BW-FYE5 are a nice set of budget, truly wireless earphones.