Narwhal Piston-Fill Fountain Pen Review

The Narwhal Piston-Filled Fountain Pen is a strikingly designed acrylic fountain pen, filled with a piston mechanism using bottled ink. A newcomer to the fountain pen industry, Narwhal is a fairly little known fountain pen brand.

Coming in at $50, the pen is extremely well made, with striking looks and a pleasant nib to write with.

A substantial feeling pen, the Narwhal fountain pen is rather weighty and constructed with acrylic, making it tough and wear resistant. The multitude of designs that can be chosen from also allow you to have a striking pen suited to your tastes. With metal accents above the screw mechanism for the cap, and at the top of the pen, the pen looks stylish and well suited for formal environments. You can place the cap on the end of the pen, however I find this unbalances it quite a bit so I prefer to leave it uncapped. It is a fairly hefty pen, but well balanced, making writing feel more substantial than it would feel with a lighter pen.

As a piston filled fountain pen, the pen uses an ink well, rather than ink cartridges. This is both cheaper to fill than ink cartridges, and means that the ink lasts for longer. The mechanism was smooth and felt high quality when I filled my pen. Included in the package is a tool to open the pen so you can perform maintenance on the piston mechanism, which is great.

The pen has a number 6 steel nib, made by Narwhal themselves. The nib does appear removable, so you can swap it with other number 6 nibs if you want a finer line, or prefer a certain nib. The pen writes rather wet – I found it good paired with Parker Quink ink, as I write quickly and would likely smudge the ink if it dried any slower. I prefer pens that write wetly, as I find it gives a nicer line and more consistent look. The nib has a little feedback, however I found it to write fairly smoothly. It can write well in reverse too, to get a finer line, however the ink is not as wet and therefore the line is not as dark. The grip is comfortable, and doesn’t irritate your fingers in longer writing sessions.

To conclude, the Narwhal piston fill pen is a great buy for $50. A quality, durable and long lasting pen is what you will receive, that looks great and is lovely to write with.

You can purchase the Narwhal Piston-Fill Fountain Pen on Goldspot Pens here for $50.

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narwhal-fountain-pen-reviewA quality and attractive fountain pen for the price, made out of sturdy materials with a comfortable grip and a nice nib.