The Nerdy Student offers week-long sponsorships that advertise your product for a week. There are various tiers, with different prices.


  • A sponsored post for your product or business, which includes an image.


  • A sponsored post for your product or business, with an image.
  • Small ‘sponsored’ banner at the top of the page.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact for more information. Prices are negotiable for a week of sponsorship, however, may be more if a video is required to be embedded (this is because of the impact on site speed) or in special circumstances.

The Nerdy Student is a great place to advertise software and products aimed at tech-savvy people, those wanting to be more productive, and students.

Please note that sponsorships will only be accepted for products that I am comfortable to advertise. I have the right to reject sponsorship requests.

Thank you!