Managing Deadlines Using Todoist

I’ve been recently using Todoist again, after bouncing between Things 3 and Todoist. My main gripe with Todoist was the inability to set deadlines on tasks, whilst having them appear in my today view – something Things 3 did brilliantly. However, the inability to use Things 3 on Windows made me change back to Todoist.

Because of this, I’ve improvised a makeshift system that allows me to preserve the due date of a task, whilst scheduling it to appear in my today view before this date.

Todoist allows you to add multiple layers of subtasks to any tasks. Using this, I set the due date of the main part of the project on the uppermost level of the task, and split the task in the various steps that I need to carry out in order to complete it, allowing me to schedule tasks for days before the main task is due.

As you can see above, the main task is due on the 9th of December, whilst I have organised the subtasks to be carried out on earlier dates. Therefore the various subtasks will appear on my today view, and I’ll still be able to remember the due date of the task. I can reschedule the subtasks as much as I want, until I see the main task pop up on my today view.

I would like to see Todoist implement something that would allow me to differ subtasks from normal tasks – something to signify that it is a subtask on the Today view would be nice. An idea would be the title of the main task in slightly grey lettering, or something similar.

This being said, this is just a small post for those wondering how to get close to the Things 3 scheduling in Todoist. It does not compare to the ease that Things 3 offers, but it’s the closest to it I have managed to get, and it’s been working great so far.

You can read my in-depth Todoist review here. If you are interested, you can see why I switched from Todoist to Things 3 in the first place, which goes into more detail about the great scheduling feature Things 3 offers.

For MacOS and iOS users, you may be interested in Things, which is my favourite task app by far. I’ve got an in-depth review on it here, as well as a detailed comparison to Todoist.