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Flighty Review

Flighty is a flight tracking app for iOS that lets you track your flights with ease. It alerts you about delays, gate changes, cancellations, and much more. It also shows statistics on your total amount of flights, and maps of where you have been.

The app is sleekly made and easy to use, integrating tightly into iOS with widgets and notifications that keep track of your flight.

Obsidian Review

Obsidian is a flexible note-taking app, allowing you to utilise plugins in order to customise the experience of the app. After Evernote’s changes, I tried Obsidian as an alternative for digital note-taking. Its open saving method, using markdown, as well as the slew of plugins and themes that offer extensive customisation, were some of the deciding factors; allowing me to tailor the app to my use case.

Obsidian is the most flexible note-taking app that I have tried. With a simple, plain-text base, you can customise to suit your needs using plugins – from daily tasks to financial dashboards.

Obsidian with the editor in the centre, the navigation on the left, and plugins on the right.

UpNote Review

I have been using Evernote for nearly 10 years – I have been a member since October 24th, 2014. The first ever post on this website was originally written in Evernote, and the second post was about Evernote. However, it hasn’t been a smooth ride since that date. Evernote has been getting worse and worse over the years, especially in the monetisation aspect. I used to be a heavy user of Evernote Premium, but as prices were hiked further and further – originally with fairly minor price hikes – I started using it less and less and looking for alternatives.

Throughout university I used Evernote extensively for managing essays and general notation – I rarely used features such as tasks anymore, and all I wanted was an affordable note-taking app that stopped trying to shove paying plans into my face. I understand the need for monetisation, but the various new plans and increased pricing for an app that offered no new features, and that was slow and clunky, were not appetising to me.

Looking around, I eventually found an appealing app – UpNote. The pricing structure was great, with a very affordable lifetime option, as well as an incredibly cheap monthly plan. It was simple and structured fairly similar to Evernote – with tags, notebooks and various options in the left-hand bar. It also has a lovely dark mode, which I vastly prefer to light modes.

UpNote on Windows with the dark UI.
UpNote on Windows with the dark UI.

GravaStar Sirius Pro review

The GravaStar Sirius Pros are a unique looking set of true bluetooth wireless earbuds, with a futuristic look and crisp sound quality. With USB C charging, true wireless connectivity, and action buttons on the side of the headphones, the Sirius Pros are a compelling option for those looking for a unique looking pair of earbuds.

DELANCLiP Fusion Review

The Delanclip Fusion is a head tracking solution for PC games, allowing you to transfer head motions to movements in games – useful for looking around in games such as Digital Combat Simulator, driving and flight simulators, and games such as Elite Dangerous. It allows you to transfer the slight movements of your head into the game, meaning you can quickly glance around, something which is very useful in 3D simulators.

Managing Deadlines Using Todoist

I’ve been recently using Todoist again, after bouncing between Things 3 and Todoist. My main gripe with Todoist was the inability to set deadlines on tasks, whilst having them appear in my today view – something Things 3 did brilliantly. However, the inability to use Things 3 on Windows made me change back to Todoist.

Because of this, I’ve improvised a makeshift system that allows me to preserve the due date of a task, whilst scheduling it to appear in my today view before this date.

Curiosity – Find Everything, Anywhere – A Review

Curiosity is an app that aims to make finding things easier – in a world where many people use dozens of apps, it can be hard to find what you are looking for when everything is stored in a different place.

This is where Curiosity comes in – it allows you to connect apps such as Dropbox, Github, your local files, and more all in one place, allowing you to easily find documents across apps.

Strong Review – Workout Tracker

Strong has been my app of choice to track my gym sessions for a few months now. I was looking for an app that was more advanced than Apple Workouts, in order to track my progress, and aid me in hitting PRs and making progress. Strong was the app I chose – the simple UI, yet powerful analytics as well as the Watch app were exactly what I was looking for.


A Look at Evernote Tasks

Evernote, my favourite notetaking software, has recently introduced a new features – tasks. I am still looking for the perfect task manager, with my favourite, Things 3, not being available on Windows. Evernote Tasks aims to allow you to manage deadlines, important tasks and similar all in the note.

Narwhal Piston-Fill Fountain Pen Review

The Narwhal Piston-Filled Fountain Pen is a strikingly designed acrylic fountain pen, filled with a piston mechanism using bottled ink. A newcomer to the fountain pen industry, Narwhal is a fairly little known fountain pen brand.

Coming in at $50, the pen is extremely well made, with striking looks and a pleasant nib to write with.