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Using Zotero to Manage Citations

If you do any academic writing, you’ll come into contact with citations a lot. For some reason, many people overcomplicate using citations – manually entering them, and creating spreadsheets to tracks sources they have used. Zotero is a brilliant, free, citation manager, that will make adding citations to your work as simple as a few clicks.

Pushover: Simple Notifications – Review

I’ve been using Pushover as my custom notifications app for a few months now, and have been very impressed by the large amount of features that the app offers, as well as the integrations it has. It is also incredibly affordable, with a one time cost plan after a generous trial period.

In this review, I’ll go over the various features that makes Pushover so great, as well as the pricing and some unique features.

6 Years with the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones

After writing a lot of reviews about audio devices on this site, I’ve never shown which headphones I use on a daily basis. I use the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones, with the 80 OHM version. I really like these headphones – they are comfortable, extremely tough, and sound really good. I’ve been using them for hours, each day, for six years, and they are still in extremely good shape.

In this post, I’ll go over both the pros and cons of the headphones, as well as how they have been holding up for over 6 years of daily use.

Creating a Media Server With a Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a great computer to set up a simple Samba sharing media server. It’s affordable, coming in at only £34 for the base model of the latest Pi (4 at the time of writing). Coupled with a large hard drive, often you’ll be able to easily put together a ~£100 media server. In this guide, I’ll go over setting up the Pi headlessly and connecting to it on Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as setting up a Samba share that will allow you to connect to your media whilst you are on your local network.

Must Have Apps of 2019

iOS 13 brought along large improvements to both the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad became more useful than ever, with the ability for side by side apps, a better home screen layout, split screening, and much more. In this post, I’ll go over most of the apps I have used extensively throughout 2019.

Huion 1060 Plus Review

The Huion 1060 is a affordable drawing tablet designed for artists and graphic designers. With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, a 10 x 6.25″ drawing area, and multiple keyboard shortcut keys the Huion 1060 Plus offers an impressive package for an affordable price.

Toolbox Pro Review

I’ve been using Shortcuts ever since it was Workflow – it’s helped me streamline a lot of things that I do on a daily basis, including tagging and sorting my notes and framing screenshots.

Toolbox Pro extends Shortcuts by providing 50 more advanced functions for the app to use, such as advanced reminders integration, natural language and much more. Toolbox Pro plugs into Shortcuts to extend upon what it already offers.

T7 Gaming Mouse Review

There are lots of cheap mouses out there, and often they’ll have some pretty basic features. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the T7 Gaming Mouse – a mouse I’ve been using for the past two years, and features adjustable DPI, programmable buttons and adjustable polling rates.

ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid is a grammar and style editor that will help you improve your writing. It checks for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and also offers suggestions on how to improve your writing.

I’ve been using ProWritingAid on a few of my essays and have been impressed with the results. It has allowed me to remove complex grammatical mistakes, style errors, and my overall results. Besides this, I love the plagiarism check and the ability to check for overused words.

ProWritingAid analysis on a short essay.

Cluster, a Tab Manager for Chrome – Review

Recently I’ve been dealing with a lot more tabs and windows in Chrome, my web browser of choice. Cluster is a Chrome extension that allows you to sort your windows and tabs, as well as quickly see an overview of various windows you have open. Sorting options are available, as well as the ability to quickly sort tabs, and multiple other features.