BlitzWolf BW-AS3 Review

The BW-AS3 from Blitzwolf is a high quality and high power speaker with cylindrical housing covered in fabric and a touch interface on top to control the device, weighing at around 2 kilograms. The BW-AS3 is a nice portable speaker that is great for using around the house and bringing to places where you want a loud speaker with 360 sound.

The BW-AS3 has a fairly striking design, based on a cylinder with a illuminated touch control system on the top. On this, you can link the speaker to another speaker via the TWS function, activate your phones voice assistant, play, pause, skip and change volume. I have found it a little clunky to use however – you have to press pretty hard and it still takes me a while to do functions on the speaker so I usually end up doing them on my phone.

The whole speaker is covered in a fabric, which gives it a premium and simplistic look. It comes with 360 sound, so you can place it in the centre of the room with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It can also be connected with a 3.5mm cable, or via NFC. A microphone is also built in so you can use it with your phones voice assistant or to answer calls.

The touch controls on top of the BW-AS3

The speaker has an impressive battery life – with a capacity of 12000 mAh, it can provide up to 20 hours of use when the speaker is at half volume. It comes with a USB-C port for charging, which is a nice touch.

Regarding sound, the speaker can go pretty loud, where you have to shout to be heard by the person next to you. The sound is bassy and booming – this does reduce some of the mids and trebles however. Despite this, the speaker does sound good – when dropping the noise levels down you regain some of the lost middle and higher notes.

The BW-AS3 is a nice speaker – it has 360 sound, can get very loud with nice sound, and has good battery life. The build quality is very nice, albeit the touch controls can be quite hard to use. Despite this, I would still recommend the speaker.

You can purchase the BW-AS3 from Banggood for £72.10 (at time of writing), or view it on the Blitzwolf website here.

blitzwolf-bw-as3-reviewThe BW-AS3 is a nicely built speaker with nice, booming sound that comes out at all angles. It has great build quality, however the responsiveness of the touch display could be better. In addition, the RSP is pretty high. However, when on sale the BW-AS3 is a good choice.