A Look at Evernote Tasks

Evernote, my favourite notetaking software, has recently introduced a new features – tasks. I am still looking for the perfect task manager, with my favourite, Things 3, not being available on Windows. Evernote Tasks aims to allow you to manage deadlines, important tasks and similar all in the note.

Tasks are situated inside notes, and you can set reminders, due dates, and flags to reminders. You can see an overview of all tasks in the left hand panel, by clicking on ‘Tasks’. This allows you to see all of your tasks, as well as search them, sort them by due date and show only flagged tasks. This is brilliant for giving an overview of all tasks in notes.

The tasks panel.

Adding tasks is simple. You can create a new note by using the tasks panel. You can quickly enter various tasks, schedule them and choose the note they will go into – by default named ‘Things to Do’.

You can also set reminders for tasks, to be notified when they come up. Tasks can be added to any already existing note – simply click on the plus button, and you can add tasks as well as set reminders, due dates and flag them.

Tasks inside a note – note the calendar event that is embedded, also a beta feature in Evernote.

It would be nice to see a tasks widget for the Home page in Evernote – this would be useful to see upcoming tasks, and tasks that are flagged. You can view the video from Evernote regarding tasks below.

This being said, there are some major disadvantages to tasks that hold it back. Tasks cannot be nested, and notes also cannot be added to these tasks. I also found rearranging tasks to be quite clunky n the desktop app. Hopefully, when tasks come out of beta this will be rectified.

All in all, I think tasks are a great addition to Evernote. Whilst they do not replace a task manager such as Todoist or Things 3, it allows you to quickly add tasks to remember in a note. Thing of it like the checkboxes you have been able to get in Evernote for years, however a little more advanced. I do not think it will replace a more advanced task manager, however for those who like to manage everything in one place, it is certainly a step forward.

You can view the Evernote homepage here, or see more about tasks on the Evernote site.