Evernote Adds a New Feature That Automates Taking Meeting Notes

Evernote has just released a new public beta feature for Evernote Web, which allows you to quickly and easily take meeting notes that are pulled from your Google Calendar, and these notes are automatically filled in with location, time, description and participant information from your calendar.

Connect Evernote to your Google Calendar, and it’ll find your next events. You’ll be able to click on an event that is coming up soon, and that will make an automatic meeting note using the Evernote Meeting note template.

The new note will have the event title, and below that a link to the Google Calendar event. Evernote automatically detects the location of the event, as well as the description and participants. I think this is really cool, as it saves you writing it all down. You then have the notes section, where you take the meeting notes, and next steps where you can plan what you are going to add next.

If you don’t have a calendar event up soon, you can just click on ‘Blank meeting note’ to get the blank template.

This is an awesome new Evernote feature, and I hope it makes it out of beta. It allows easy meeting notes to be taken, and I think lots of people would like it a lot.

You can sign up to Evernote here.

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