Flighty Review

Flighty is a flight tracking app for iOS that lets you track your flights with ease. It alerts you about delays, gate changes, cancellations, and much more. It also shows statistics on your total amount of flights, and maps of where you have been.

The app is sleekly made and easy to use, integrating tightly into iOS with widgets and notifications that keep track of your flight.


Flighty opens showing your upcoming flights. You can tell at a glance the local departure and arrival time, as well as if the flight is delayed. A globe with your upcoming routes is shown above.

Tapping on a flight shows the time until gate departure – if it’s on time, in green, and if delayed, in red. The departure airfield is shown below, along with the terminal and gate. Departure time is shown as well as time to departure.

Time of the flight is shown below, as well as the belt information. Scrolling down allows you to add more information like booking code and seat number. Time zone changes and destination weather are shown, which is nice to have. Arrival forecast is a really interesting feature, that shows delays for your flight over the past 60 days, as well as cancellations and diversions. The Where’s My Plane feature is also useful, showing where the aircraft that is scheduled to fly your route is currently. This helps with predicting delays. Aircraft details are provided, and below a detailed timetable that gives in-depth timings for your flight. Historical information for your flights on the route is also shown, as well as expected update times for the flight.


All this information can be seen for historical flights, which can be viewed in your profile.

Known as your Flight Log, this has a map showing all your historical flights in Flighty. It shows a globe with your flights, and interesting details such as distance flown, flight time, and more. Expanding this shows your Flighty passport.

As someone who loves statistics, I really like this feature. It shows detailed stats about the longest flights you have logged, the total distance you’ve flown as well as how far those are from planets, top airlines and routes, and a lot more. It’s really interesting to explore detail about your flight history.

It also has information about delayed flights. How many hours you have been delayed in total, and the percentage of your flights that have been delayed. The longest delay is shown, as well as in depth stats below.

You can see all the information about aircraft types, with the most frequent seats you’ve had and the tail numbers shown.

The profile is a really interesting section to explore your old flights, and the trends of those flights.

Live Tracking

Adding flights is extremely easy. Search by your airline or flight number, as well as airports or a route. Select the date, and then the departure time.

Flighty shows notifications pertaining to updates on flights. It’ll let you know gate updates, baggage belts, delays and more.

A gate notification from Flighty
A gate notification from Flighty

It’ll also give you a widget that shows a summary of information on your lock screen. The departure gate, estimated departure time, and estimated arrival time. Throughout the flight, this is updated offline using the latest information received when online.

Lock screen widget showing flight progression
Lock screen widget showing flight progression

I’ve found Flighty to be extremely accurate when tracking delays, as well as having fast gate updates and baggage belt info.

Flighty Pro

Flighty is free to use – you can manually add flights, get data about these flights, as well as have limited notifications and widget refresh.

Pro gives expanded notifications for things like delays, tracking your aircraft preflight for 25 hours as long as the tail number has been assigned, and more frequently lock screen widget updates. Pro also allows you to sync with TripIt, calendars, and email forwarding to automatically and easily add flights.

For those that travel frequently, I’d highly recommend Pro. The live data and many notifications are features that are really useful, as is the calendar sync for automatically adding flights.

Flighty offers various levels of Pro. 1 Week for £3.99, 1 month for £5.99, a year at £49.99, and lifetime for £249. They also offer family plans. This pricing method is great, as you can only get a week for shorter trips if you want the features of Flighty Pro.

Flighty is a solid flight tracker – both the free and Pro version offer a good amount of features that make it easy to stay up to date on flights, as well as see predicted arrival and aircraft arrival times.

I use Flighty for all my flights, and it lets me easily see gate information, and the ‘Where’s my Plane’ feature is very useful.

View the Flighty website here.

Ease of Use
flighty-reviewA powerful flight tracking app, Flighty lets you receive up to date gate information, delay notifications, and any information about your flight quickly and easily.