GravaStar Sirius Pro review

The GravaStar Sirius Pros are a unique looking set of true bluetooth wireless earbuds, with a futuristic look and crisp sound quality. With USB C charging, true wireless connectivity, and action buttons on the side of the headphones, the Sirius Pros are a compelling option for those looking for a unique looking pair of earbuds.

Straight to the point – the visuals of the Sirius Pro earbuds is what sets it apart from the other products out there. With their industrial and sci-fi aesthetic, they are the most unique looking set of earbuds I’ve used. Four colours are offered. War damaged yellow, war damaged grey, space grey, and neon green. I really like the war damaged colours, and think that they suit the aesthetic of the earbuds perfectly.

The case itself is well built, and feels heavy and sturdy – something to keep in mind if you want to carry it around in your pocket all day. It has a arm that keeps the headphones in place when closed, and this is spring loaded, meaning you simply depress a button in order to open the case and have to push the arm down to close the case. Flipping the arm open and closed is quite fun to fiddle with, however when it’s in your pocket I have found that the button to open the arm can be triggered accidently. The case has an RGB strip at the bottom – whilst this is a cool gimmick, it’s only function is to flash twice when the case is below 30%, and to show case charging status. It would have been nice to take advantage of the RBG functionality of the case in order to show a clearer status of how it’s charging.

An interesting feature of the case is the in built bottle opener that features in the gap, allowing you to easily open bottles with the case when you wish.

With a large gap in the middle of the case, the design does come with a cost – only 12 hours of battery life are supplied by the case, with the earbuds only lasting 4 hours. This is rather underwhelming, and means that you’ll have to frequently charge the case, as well as having limited listening session lengths with the earbuds themselves.

Regarding the earbuds themselves, they are in a compact round design, with the same colouring as the case. I do find that sometimes they can be quite hard to get out of the case due to this, slipping out of your grip. They come with various sizes of silicone tip, and fit snugly and comfortably. The earbuds do have touch control with double tapping navigating forward or back on the right and left earbud. An interesting feature of the earbuds is the ability to control both the latency and audio balance – the earbuds have a music and gaming latency mode, and a music and movie audio balance mode. You can hold down on these panels in order to control volume, and a quadruple tap will activate whatever voice assistant your phone uses. The touch controls are a really nice feature, and are well rounded and useful to have. The earbuds are IPX5 rated, meaning splashes and sweat won’t damage them, however they should not be submerged.

Sound quality is rather nice, with strong highs and good mids. However, they are weaker with low notes, not producing a rumble like some other earbuds do, and bass is usually in the background of tracks. Overall, the audio quality is nice – if you don’t want a strong bass. The bass isn’t so weak that it gets completely covered – however it does play more of a background role. The earbuds do have a microphone built in, which is average.

I do want to mention the packaging, which is some of the best I’ve seen for any product. They arrive in a reusable plastic box with a clasp, and a glass panel that shows the earbuds off in the packaging.

Overall, the main pull of the GravaStar Sirius Pro’s are the aesthetic, and how unique they look – the most unique and interesting looking earbuds I’ve seen. This does come at the price of battery life, which is the biggest drawback of the earbuds. You can pick them up on the GravaStar site here.

gravastar-sirius-pro-reviewOverall, the GravaStar Sirius Pro's are a unique looking, and good sounding, set of earbuds. If you want something that looks different, the Sirius Pro's are a good bet.