Pushover: Simple Notifications – Review

I’ve been using Pushover as my custom notifications app for a few months now, and have been very impressed by the large amount of features that the app offers, as well as the integrations it has. It is also incredibly affordable, with a one time cost plan after a generous trial period.

In this review, I’ll go over the various features that makes Pushover so great, as well as the pricing and some unique features.

Pushover offers apps for web, iOS and Android. Each of these come with a seven day free trial where you try them out, and then you can purchase them for a £5 one time fee. You get unlimited notifications, and I have found that they always arrive far quicker than other apps I have tried, such as Pushbullet.

Thousands of apps can be integrated with Pushover. Whilst pushover does have many native apps that support it, such as Github, UptimeRobot, and more, it also supports both IFTTT and Zapier, allowing you to get notifications for nearly anything you want. One great use of Pushover is to get notifications when an RSS feed is updated – for example, you may be subscribed to sport updates via RSS, or updates to an author. Pushover allows you to get instant notifications when a new item is added to the RSS feed. This is incredibly easy to do, as both IFTTT and Zapier are simple tools. Pushover is incredibly easy to integrate with and set up your own scripts.

Image from Pushover blog

Pushover has a brilliant interface. It’s very clean and lets you see your notifications easily, without a whole lot of clutter in the way. Tapping on a notification expands it, and lets you copy the text, share it, or delete the notification. You can tap on links and images in notifications to open them. As a big fan of swipe actions, it would be nice to be able to swipe in order to filter notifications to a certain service.

There are some quite advanced features Pushover offers. You can allow alerts to be high-priority, meaning that they bypass the mute switch and Do Not Disturb – a useful feature for some. It supports dark mode and do not disturb times, and you can also change how you view new notifications.

Pushover is a brilliant app – notifications are never delayed, it’s light enough to let you quickly see your notifications and the important information. However, under the hood the app can be customised quite extensively, and this offers a very nice balance. For those looking for a custom notification app, I would strongly recommend Pushover.