Notifier for Reddit Review

Reddit is a great platform that allows you to find interesting content, sales, deals, and so much more. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at Notifier for Reddit, which allows you to set custom filters that immediately send you an email alert when they are triggered.

I’ve recently reviewed Alerts for Reddit, which offers a similar package to Notifier for Reddit. However, Notifier for Reddit boasts a near-instant alert via email, as well as boolean operators and the ability to use it on desktop.

Notifier for Reddit is pretty easy to use. To set a searcher, simply click on ‘Add Searcher’ in the sidebar. You can use simple boolean searches (such as intel AND amd, or 1070 OR 570) as well as have the text you want Notifier to search for. You can set it to notify for everything in a specific sub by using an asterisk (*).

The ability to get notified by comments, posts, or both that match your string is pretty powerful, and I haven’t seen it in any other notifier tools. Notifier for Reddit alerts you via email, and you can choose whether to get a daily summary or get an instant email. Finally, you can filter the subreddits you want to notify you, or exclude some.

The interface that allows you to add new searchers.

When Notifier finds a new hit with your searcher, it will send you and email or collate them into a daily email. The following email was sent by a searcher that alerted as soon as any new comment or post was made on /r/technology. It shows the time that the comment or post was created, the subreddit, type of the comment, and the text of it.

It would be nice if your time zone could be changed, and in addition, if you could name your searchers so the email subject would make a little more sense. This would make it a lot easier to see what searcher had been triggered, as at the time of writing the subject makes it pretty difficult to see what subreddit you got notified from.

I would also like to see the ability to get notified on high activity posts in a subreddit. Alerts for Reddit does this very well, and allows you to see popular posts in certain subreddits and keep up with news.

Finally, pricing. Notifier has a free tier, with low priority searching meaning that notifications could be delayed, and these notifications are collated into emails that are sent every 15 minutes. In addition, only 1 searcher can be used. It does offer a premium plan, with 25 searchers, instant and unlimited emails and a high priority search queue, however this is $10 a month – which is very expensive in regards to the competition offered. Whilst I understand that server costs, and polling Reddit incredibly frequently must be resource intensive, many people could not justify spending this amount to get a slightly quicker alert.

Edit 16/10/2019: Notifier also now has a ‘basic’ plan, coming in at $2.99 a month – this gives you three searchers, high priority queue and unlimited email among a few other features.

To conclude, Notifier for Reddit is a powerful app that allows you to quickly get notified, allowing you to track deals, respond to questions about your app, and much more. With features such as RegEx expressions coming, the app appears to be growing more powerful. However, the high price may drive users away.

You can check out Notifier for Reddit here.

Ease of Use
notifier-for-reddit-reviewNotifier for Reddit is a nice tool, but quite pricey when compared to the competition. However, it does offer incredibly quick alerts and coverage of even comments, which many other Reddit notifier apps do not offer.