Track Subreddits and Users New Posts with Alerts for Reddit

If you’ve ever been in the market for a used PC, or want to keep up to date on news or hobbies, you’ll know that Reddit is a great resource. Alerts for Reddit allows you to get alerts from a certain subreddit, user, or thread – you can also customise the frequency of these alerts.

For those looking to snap up parts on /r/hardwareswaps, or just keep up to date with your favourite thread, user, or hobbies, Alerts for Reddit is a great app for those who use Reddit.

Alerts for Reddit allows you to track three types of content – posts on subreddits, a users posts and comments (or only posts), and threads.

Firstly, I use subreddit tracking the most. Alerts for Reddit allows you to customise the frequency of alerts – you can select from low frequency, so only a few notifications, high frequency, where you get notifications for every post, and then you can also select to get notified for all posts.

Alerts for Reddit also allows you to follow users, and you can select whether to get notified from just their posts, or by both posts and comments. I haven’t used this, so I can’t give feedback on how well it works, however I expect it to work just as well as the notifications for subreddits.

One of the more interesting features of Alerts for Reddit is the ability to follow threads. If you don’t get notifications from your Reddit client, such as Apollo, you can set up thread follows by simply using the command !FollowThread, and then follow the link in the reply that the Alerts for Reddit bot gives you. Then, you’ll start getting notified of all the posts.

A reply to the follow thread command on Reddit. Clicking the link allows you to follow it in the app.
A reply to the follow thread command on Reddit. Clicking the link allows you to follow it in the app.

So those are the three tracking methods. A nice feature of Alerts for Reddit is that you don’t need to sign in to use the tracking features – you can use all of them (apart from thread tracking as you won’t be able to call the bot) without an account.

One really nice touch in Alerts for Reddit is that tapping on a notification opens it up in your Reddit client of choice. If you use Narwhal, it’ll open it in that app; if you use Apollo, it’ll open in there, and so on. This is a really nice touch, as it means you don’t have to jump around copying and pasting links into apps. If you don’t have a Reddit app installed, Alerts for Reddit will open Reddit Mobile in your browser.

I really like Alerts for Reddit. It let’s me keep up to date on the subreddits I like the most, as well as view the latest news, and posts in various subreddits. You can use Alerts for Reddit for free to track up to three things, or purchase the life-time subscription for £2.99 or yearly subscription (at £0.99 a year) to get more.

Alerts for Reddit can be found on the App Store here.

Ease of Use
alerts-for-redditA nice app for those who are Reddit power users, and want to keep up to date on their favourite subreddits and users. Also helpful for those who want to get notified from each comment in a thread.