Automate Scrobbling to Trakt with Trakt Scrobbler

If you use Trakt, you’ll likely know about scrobbling – where your media player checks you into what you are watching automatically, so it gets marked as finished automatically. Not only does this let you automatically show in the ‘now watching’ section of the show and show your progress on your profile, but it lets you keep Trakt up to date without having to go on the site.

Don’t know what Trakt is? Check out my in-depth review on it.

I use VLC to watch my videos – the official plugin doesn’t work, so I went around looking around for an alternative. I found Trakt Scrobbler – a small Github repository with less than 20 stars. However, I was blown away by how great it is – allowing me to easily scrobble from VLC. It also supports various other players, such as MPV, MPC, and MPC-HE.

Using Trakt Scrobbler with VLC allows shows to easily and automatically scrobbled.

What does it do?

Trakt Scrobbler allows for shows to be scrobbled automatically to your Trakt account. This means people can see what you are currently watching, and automatically mark them as watched when you’ve finished the show. It supports the following players:

  • VLC
  • MPV
  • Media Player Classic – BE
  • Media Player Classic – HC

In this guide, I’ll take you through setting it up for VLC – however, the project readme gives easy to follow guides on the other players.


Trakt Scrobbler supports three platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s very easy to get it going on all the platforms. If you are on Windows, you’ll need to make sure you have Python installed. You can get the Python releases here. You also need Python in path, so make sure you select that option in the Python installer.

The readme once again has great documentation on installing, so you can use that if you want.

  1. Download the files as a zip, and extract it.
  2. Navigate into the extraction, and go to trakt_scrobbler/data. You should see something called sample_config.toml. Rename this to config.toml, and open it. Here, you can set various options, such as a folder whitelist – you can remove this if you want to track all folders.
  3. Make sure you have Python installed, and it’s version 3.6+. Open up command prompt, and enter pip install pipenv.
  4. Ensure that your media player is set up correctly.
    1. Enable the web interface in options for MPC-BE/MPC-HC.
    2. In MPV, enable the JSON IPC file. Do this by running mpv --input-ipc-server.
    3. VLC is a little more complicated.
      1. You need to first enable the web interface in Trakt. In the bottom left of the preferences panel found in tools, select all options. Scroll to Interface, and then click on Main interfaces. Click the Web option.
      2. We now need to specify our lua options, which we defined in the config.toml file. If you left them unchanged, you simply need to add password into the Lua HTTP password box.
      3. VLC will now be set up to work with Trakt Scrobbler once installed.

You now have the foundations ready to install Trakt Scrobbler. The following depends on what OS you are running on. You can view it on the repository here – I’ve copied them over from there.

From (23/06/2019)

Once you run the install scripts, you’ll get a notification and be sent to the Trakt activate page. Simply input the code given, authenticate, and you are good to go.

The notification with the authentication code on Windows.


Trakt Scrobbler uses the Python library guessit to find out what a file is. I’ve found this works relatively well, however not so much for some more obscure shows, such as anime. For this, I use TinyMediaManager to automatically fetch, and rename, my shows.

When Trakt Scrobbler starts scrobbling your show, you’ll get this notification:

You get a similar one for when you stop scrobbling a show.

If you use Windows, trakt-scrobbler.bat is added to your startup files. This means that Trakt Scrobbler will start automatically with your PC. If you don’t want it automatically starting, or want to manually start Trakt Scrobbler after an update, you can simply run this file manually. I have it on my desktop so I can easily start it up.

Trakt Scrobbler is a great way to easily scrobble shows to your Trakt account from various players, including VLC. You can view the Github repository here, and you can view my Trakt profile here.