SpotyPal Bluetooth Tracker Review

SpotyPal is a bluetooth tracker that attaches to your keys, wallet, and many other things, allowing you to keep track of them, and ring them when you want to find them via the app. SpotyPal boasts a few features that its competitors do not have – not-to-forget lists, SOS alert, and an alarm all make the SpotyPal a more compelling purchase.

The SpotyPal tracker is pretty small – a few centimeters larger than a 50p coin. Made out of plastic, it’s very light. However, construction felt a little lacking- the plastic felt somewhat cheap, and the button wobbled in its hole. This being said, over the past week of use the SpotyPal has held up very well, so it doesn’t appear to have an affect on the durability.

So, how does it work? The tracker connects to the app on your phone via bluetooth, and logs its location to your phone. When your phone is in bluetooth range of the tracker, you can call it and it emits a high pitched, and loud, noise that will help you pinpoint its location. If you are no longer in range of the bluetooth tracker, the app shows its last seen location, allowing you to return there and track it down until you get a connection.

Boasting a battery life of 1 year, the SpotyPal can be plied open in order to replace the CR2032 battery. A blue plier is included in the package, as well as various mounting options – either the string dongle, or a double sided sticky tape, which allows you to fix it to things such as wallets or an earphone case.

I’ve been a long time user of Chipolo – one of the larger players in the bluetooth tracking market. I really like their app – it’s simple and easy to find what I want in it. I find the SpotyPal app to be somewhat disappointing. Whilst it does offer a boatload of features, the app is slow to start, and I find the interface to be more cluttered. This being said, it does work. You can quickly call your SpotyPal from the app screen, view its last seen location, set up not-to-forget lists, and various other functions.

SpotyPal features the community search feature that is common on bluetooth trackers. You can enable a ‘lost’ mode, and if someone else with the SpotyPal app passes your tracker, it will alert you an update the trackers location. Whilst this is a great, and potentially very helpful feature, keep in mind that the less users the app has, the less likely that your tracker will be found.

With a claimed range of 70 metres in the open, SpotyPal performs well in open areas such as parks. In houses, obstacles make the range vary significantly. However, I’ve been able to find my keys in my house without any issues – it seems to work through a few rooms.

To conclude, SpotyPal is a viable option in the bluetooth tracker market. It offers many features, is decently made, and has a replaceable battery. Whilst the app may let it down somewhat, SpotyPal is a viable option when it comes to bluetooth trackers.

Is it better than the alternatives, Chipolo and Tile? Whilst the features are on parr, SpotyPal can’t compete with the user base, and therefore the community features effectiveness. Because of this, the better app, and the amount of Chipolos I have, I am sticking with Chipolo as my bluetooth tracker of choice. However, if you are new to bluetooth trackers, don’t disregard SpotyPal.

You can purchase the SpotyPal for $27 (at time of writing) on Amazon, or on the official SpotyPal store.

spotypal-bluetooth-tracker-reviewThe SpotyPal is a nice bluetooth tracker - it has a year of battery life, replaceable battery, and is very loud. If you are looking for a bluetooth tracker, SpotyPal is a viable option. It is let down by the app, however does have many features, some of which the top players in the bluetooth tracker market do not have.