PDF Expert 5 Released a Huge Update Today

Today, PDF Expert 5 got a huge update. It added compatibility with the Apple Pencil, and added a new feature called Readdle Transfer. You can check out what Readdle say in their release notes below:
Apple Pencil support: We love Apple Pencil! Impressively accurate, fast, elegant – it’s much more that just a new accessory. Now it’s fully compatible with PDF Expert 5 installed on iPad Pro. Annotate PDFs with Pencil and swipe pages with your fingers at the same time – PDF Expert will distinct those touches. Moreover, it is also pressure sensitive, so you can control the width of lines while handwriting or sketching.
Readdle Transfer: After releasing PDF Expert for Mac we’ve realized that there should be an easy way to transfer the same file across iPhone, iPad and Mac. With Readdle Transfer it takes seconds! Just make sure that all of your devices are working on the same Wi-Fi network. It’s great when you have to do power tasks on your Mac, copy the file on your iPad and run to the field/ client/ etc where he/she has to sign or fill out a form.

You can check out the new features in action below:

The new updates are great for iPad Pro users, and Mac users who use PDF Expert 5 on both their Mac and iOS.
If you don’t know, PDF Expert 5 is a great PDF manager for iOS. You can find it here.
A review is coming out on Saturday the 21st of PDF Expert 5.

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