Get Darkrai from GAME in the Pokémon 20th Anniversary Celebrations

    You can get Darkrai from GAME for free, and special plush Darkrai and Darkrai t-shirts can be purchased. If you  purchase any Pokémon product, you also get a limited edition treat!

    Head to your nearest GAME store to get a free Darkrai code for OMAS or X&Y games. Also make sure you bring along money to buy a Darkrai plush, along with other Pokémon themed objects such as Darkrai t-shirts. With any Pokémon purchase, you also get a rare limited edition Tangela card, which has a special Pokémon 20th on it. This means that it can increase in value, as it is an anniversary card!

    You can read more on the official Pokémon site here.

    The event starts on the 1st of May, and ends on the 24th of the same month.

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