BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 True Wireless Earphones Review

I’ve been using the BlitzWolf BW-FYE1 as my daily drivers since I received them, and was delighted to be able to review the FYE5, a different version of them.

These come in a small pill shaped charging case, with small circle shaped earphones. With 1.5 hours of continuous listening, and the ability to be charged 3 times by the case, the BW-FYE5 are a nice set of budget, truly wireless earphones.

In the package, you get the earphones themselves, three different sizes of earphone, and a micro USB charging cable. The earphone case is nicely made, out of tough plastic, and snaps closed with magnetic assistance. The earphones snap into their charging docks with magnetic assistance, which is also a very nice touch. Battery level for the charging case is shown in a round circle of lights.

What’s included in the package.

Pairing the BW-FYE5 is easy – simply pair the right earphone to your phone, and then it automatically pairs to the left. The earphones switch on and off automatically as you put them in the charging case.

Build & Fit

The earphones themselves are very small, and are made out of plastic. These are small earphones – they fit in the ‘hollow’ in your ear, and the case itself is pretty small.

One thing that the earphones lack is the typical ‘hook’ that attaches the top of the earphone to the top of your ear for a better fit. Whilst the earphones didn’t fall out for me, there were times that they felt loose, and I fell that a hook would have led to a better fit. However, on earphones this small, it may not be possible to do so.

The earphones are pretty comfortable – as I mentioned, they can feel a little loose at times, however in the time that I’ve been using them, they have never fell out. The case has no sharp edges, so it’s very comfortable to have in your pocket whilst you use the earphones.

They are well put together internally, with high amounts of bass struggling to cause rattling sounds.


The sound quality of the earphones isn’t that great. There’s always a hissing noise in the background of the earphones – this can easily be heard when just starting to play and pause music – however this hissing isn’t that audible when music is played over it.

Frequency response is lacking too – the earphones can’t produce lower frequencies well, and the bass is weak and lacks refinement. The bass also lacks depth.

The mid range sits behind the bass – bass often takes the front seat in front of vocals. This isn’t to say that all you can hear is bass – just that the vocals are often quieter than the bass. I also found the mid range somewhat lacking too.

In addition, the earphones struggle to produce higher treble sounds. A little quality was lost in the higher notes, however they performed better than other headphones I have had at this price level.

Overall, the sound isn’t the best. It lacks refinement and precision. The headphones, being so small, lack the power to really give music depth. However, it’s important to take this in context of the price – £30 at time of writing. When this is taken into mind, the sound quality is ok. I believe that you can get better for cheaper, such as the Anker Soundbuds Slim, however these are cabled wireless earphones.

For the price, and keeping in mind that these are truly wireless, the sound quality is okay. Nothing special, but not something you’ll pluck out of your ears and throw far away.

The BW-FYE5 are a decent set of truly wireless earphones. I still prefer the FYE1 variant, as they are more comfortable and I find they sound better. However, these are still a decent pair of headphones for the price.

The BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 are available on Banggood and Amazon for £30.

blitzwolf-bw-fye5-reviewThe Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 offer a nice package. With mediocre sound quality, the earphones are helped by the low price, excellent build quality, and relative comfort.