Anker SoundBuds Slim – Brilliant Bluetooth Earphones That Won’t Break your Wallet

Bluetooth earphones are becoming more and more mainstream, with more people opting into using them over wired earphones. The great thing about bluetooth earphones is that you don’t have a cable connected to your phone, which often gets in the way. However, bluetooth earphones are often expensive, coming in well over £50. The Anker SoundBuds Slim come in at only $25.99 or £15.99. The earphones sound good, are water-resistant and will last you a day of use before needing charging.

Anker is a great company that makes batteries, cables, cases and anything you could need for your phone. I picked up the SoundBuds Slim for £15.99 a few months ago (and bought a second pair for someone else), and I’ve been using them daily for the past few months.

The battery in the earphones lasts for 7 hours, which is a very good battery life, as it lasts all day for me. It takes 1.5 hours to charge the earphones via a micro-USB port, but note that your charger requires a minimum output current on 0.1A, so it probably won’t charge from a portable battery as they cannot charge something that needs such a low current. I usually charge mine when I get home from school, and they last the entire day for me.

The SoundBuds Slim are water proof and sweat proof, which makes them great for using out in the rain or when you are doing exercise. I’ve used the SoundBuds Slims in the rain before, and they hold up perfectly. The micro-USB charging area of the earphones has a rubber seal that you need to make sure is tightly applied before you use them in the rain however.

Another handy feature of the SoundBuds Slim is that they are very light, weighing in at only 15g. They have magnets on the end of the earphones, so you can snap them together when you are not using them so they hang around your neck. One of the things that makes the SoundBuds Slim so impressive is the amount of different sizes earphones they come with, so they’ll fit any sized ear. The earphones also come with a travel pouch which is great for storing the earphones in when you are not using them.

Now onto the sound quality – it is good, but don’t expect to be blown away by it. I can hear a notable sound difference between my Beyerdynamics and the SoundBuds Slim, however it isn’t that noticeable when you are only using the earphones. It sounds like the earphones that come with the iPhone. The SoundBuds Slim sound great for the price, and you won’t need to worry about the audio quality on the SoundBuds Slim. The bass sounds great and doesn’t overpower the audio of the song.

The control bar of the earphones features three buttons, a mic and a light. Pressing on the middle button starts and stops songs, and holding down on the middle button activates Siri (I believe it activities Google on Android). Holding down on the button for longer than three seconds switches the earphones on and off. You can hold down on the top and bottom button to change track, and clicking them changes the volume. There are a few more actions like receiving calls you can do with the buttons too.

If you’re an iOS user, holding down in the middle play button means that you can active Siri directly from the earphones, and use the built-in mic to talk to it. Another cool feature for iOS users is that the earphones battery level is shown in the status bar of your iPhone and iPad.

The battery of the earbuds shown in the iOS status bar.
The battery of the earphones shown in the iOS status bar.

For those of you looking around for a pair of budget but excellent bluetooth earphones, the SoundBuds Slims are great. They sound the same as AirPods for a tiny fraction of the price, and I can’t recommend them more. They come in a range of three colours too, so you can get them to suit your taste.

Check out the Anker SoundBuds Slim here.

anker-soundbuds-slimBrilliant earphones for those on a budget. The Anker SoundBuds Slim are comfortable earphones with great sound quality, at an affordable price - and they're bluetooth.