BlitzWolf BW-FYE1 True Wireless Earphones Review

I’ve reviewed multiple earphones on this site – however these are the first truly wireless earphones I’ve ever owned, so I was excited to receive them and get them out of the box.

For £36.99 on Amazon, the BlitzWolf Earphones are a great pair of earphones for those looking for affordable, however high quality earphones.

I really like truly wireless earphones – it’s nice to have no cables to worry about, and having the ability to charge them whenever you put them back in their box means that you’ll seldom be out of charge.

In the packaging, the earphones come with multiple replacement earbuds for various ear sizes, the charging box, and the two earphones themselves. It also comes with a charging cable that is used to charge the box.

The items included in the packet.
The items included in the packet.

I’ll take a look at the charging/storage box first, which is certainly impressive for for the price being charged for these earphones. The box is made out of a solid, shiny plastic. It feels sturdy in the hand, and the lid is secured with magnets. When you open the box up, the earphones automatically power on, another feature I love. The case also has small holes in the top, which allow the LED status lights on the earphones to be seen. This means that you can quickly check the status of charge for each earphone – blue means charged, red means charging.

The earphones themselves are quite an unusual shape, but incredibly comfortable – in fact, some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Each earphone features a button that can be used to advance music, pause and start it, reply to phone calls and activate your phones voice assistant. However, it cannot change volume, which is something that I miss. Pairing was easy to do, and I have not had to repair for the time I have been using them (around a month, daily, for around 5 hours a day).

For the price, the earphones have impressive specifications. Compatible with bluetooth version 5, IPX4 rating, and simple controls, you’ll struggle to find something similar for the same price.

Onto sound quality – it’s certainly impressive for the price, however don’t expect it to be the same as a £300 pair of earphones for obvious reasons. Bass is well represented, and doesn’t overpower the main track, however it won’t be able to achieve low booming lows like some of the more expensive earphones I have used can. There is no harshness to mid notes and highs, and in general, the earphones sound very good. If you are worried about sound quality of these earphones, don’t be it’s great, and is some of the best that I have heard in the lower priced earphone market.

The BlitzWolf BW-FYE1 are incredibly impressive for the price. Charges last for 2.5 to 3 hours, and the box can easily charge them up multiple times. I mainly use my earphones for my commute, and I have only had to charge the box once despite a lot of listening.

I would certainly suggest the BW-FYE1’s for anyone looking for a low priced, but high quality, pair of truly wireless earphones.

The BlitzWolf BW-FYE1’s are £36.99 on Amazon, and can be purchased for cheaper of Banggood. You can view them on the BlitzWolf website here.

Update: Still using these daily at the end of 2020 and into the start of 2021, and still loving them. Well worth the price and great for the gym and for general music listening with okay sound quality.

blitzwolf-earphones-reviewThe BW-FYE5 earphones are brilliant truly wireless earphones for the money. Whilst they have average sound quality, they are well build, very comfortable, and incredibly affordable. A brilliant choice for those on a budget.