Notes Plus – Take Notes on your iPad

Notes Plus is a handwriting app for iOS that allows you to take handwritten notes using your Apple Pencil or your stylus on your iPad. It offers multiple features such as different ink colors, different paper types and many more.

Many people now use iPad’s as their daily work tools. However, iPad’s used to have a limitation that you could only write text notes on them. Over time, third party styluses were made, and now the Apple Pencil has also been made by Apple. There are many handwriting apps on the market, and Notes Plus is one of them.

Notes Plus offers multiple stylus support. It works with the Apple Pencil of course, and it also works with popular third party styluses such as the Adonit brand and the Pogo Connect. It also offers support for a few others such as the Pencil by FiftyThree.

Notes Plus allows you to create notebooks, and completely customise your paper that you use in the notebook. You can change the paper type, and your own, change the margin type and even more. You can view the notebook as a webpage, as well as exporting the whole thing as a PDF to other apps and cloud storage.

There are many writing options in Notes Plus. You can write normally on the sheet as you normally would, or you can get a ‘zoomed view’, that gives you a sentence sized place to write. You can then start writing, and Notes Plus automatically moves along with you. There is also a palm rejection mode that you can switch on and off, however I find this a little confusing. Palm rejection is okay, but not great when I use my Adonit Jot Script. I presume it would be a lot better if you used the Apple Pencil however.

Another feature that I quite like the ability to scroll with one finger near the side of the page. There is a small area to the right of the screen that acts as an invisible scroll bar, allowing you to scroll up and down the page without using two fingers. It saves some time, and I do like the feature.

Notes Plus offers features that you’d expect in any note taking  apps, including shape recognition, and OCRing that works pretty well. It also has an ability to add images to notes, as well as importing PDFs to annotate. Auto backing up is also a feature, meaning that you can backup your notes to Dropbox, and then use IFTTT to automate those notes being sent to Evernote. It also offers a clipboard option, where you can paste in things you have had on your clipboard.

A quick start guide is supplied when you get the app. It’s very helpful to get you going, and smooths the learning curve that the app has. The app also comes with a tips note, so you can learn how to get more efficient with the app.

Notes Plus certainly is a solid option for taking notes on the iPad. The feature set it has appeals to both basic and advanced users. I personally am going to stay with GoodNotes – I find that it offers better support for the stylus I use, and it has all the features I need. However, if you are looking for an app stuffed full of features, Notes Plus may be for you.

Notes Plus is available on the App Store for £9.99.

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