Write, Scribble or Sketch with the Adonit Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition

    Write, scribble or sketch with the Adonit Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition.

    The stylus in its boxing

    You may have heard about the Adonit Jot Script 2, which costs around £60 (inc. VAT). It is an active stylus designed for iPad’s which have Bluetooth 4 or later. It is made by Adonit, which make many well known and high quality styluses.

    The stylus on its USB charger

    I found that taking notes by hand helps me remember things (many studies say that handwriting notes is better for the memory). I originally started out using a Wacom Bamboo Solo 3, but I found that it did not cut it for me. I decided to spend some money, and get an upgrade.

    Pairing the stylus

    The stylus arrived in two days after I got the shipping notification email; as soon as I got it I gave it a go. It arrived in a neat box, and was ready for use straight after unpacking. It is easy to use, and just requires you to switch bluetooth on, and pair it with the app you use (I use Evernote’s Penultimate handwriting app), and your ready to go.

    The Adonit Jot Script 2

    Writing notes quickly is easy with the Adonit Jot Script 2. It feels like your writing with a real pen, and the battery lasts for ages. When the Jot Script 2 runs out, it only takes 45 minutes to fully charge it again. To see how long it will last on your device, see below:

    • iPad Air 2 – 30 hours
    • iPad 4 – 20 hours
    • iPad Air 1 – 50 hours
    • iPad Mini – 50 hours

    The Adonit Jot Script 2 Evernote edition is a solid choice for digital notetaking, even with the hefty price tag. It is accurate, light, and is a pleasure to use.

    Buy it from the Evernote Market here.

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