BlitzWolf BW-HP1 Headphone Review

I’ve been very impressed with the BlitzWolf products that I’ve reviewed over the past few months. BlitzWolf offers affordable, but high quality, audio products.

These are the first over-ear headphones offered by BlitzWolf, and they offer good performance for the price. In addition, they can be used with both bluetooth and a cable.

The body of the headphones are made out of glossy plastic, with accents on the side with BlitzWolf written on them. The headphones have red accent colours, with the band having red padding on them. I think the headphones look good, but the glossiness of the plastic can make them feel a little cheap. However, they are sturdy and nothing has broken on them. The earcups have padding on them, however I found them to be a little slim – my ear was a little pinched when wearing these headphones. This being said, they are fairly comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Each cup can be adjusted to a different lengths so that the band fits you properly.

The headphones also fold, which is one of the main features for me – I usually used Beyerdynamic DT770s, but their hard case took up the whole bag for me when travelling. However, the Blitzwolf headphones can be folded up and packed away compactly, which is great for travel. They don’t come with a bag or case1, but you wouldn’t really expect one at this price.

Folding the headphones allows for easier storage.
Folding the headphones allows for easier storage.

On the right ear cup are the controls, which only offer three options. The rocker switch can be used to change track and volume, and the power button switches them on and off, as well as allows you to pair them to other devices.

Offering both wireless and wired connectivity, you can also use the headphones with a device that doesn’t support bluetooth, and I presume that you can use them once the internal battery has run out with the cable – however I am not certain about this.

Now onto the important stuff – the audio quality. I was surprised by the quality of the headphones, and pleasantly. I did however find that the headphones were quite boomy, however not in a bad way. The headphones have a lot of warmth, and the bass and mids are represented well. The highs sound good, but I do find them a little quite.

An in-built microphone is also features by the headphones, and this was pretty average. The people I was calling could hear me, and there were no loud noises and anomalies, and it preformed averagely. This is to be expected, as these headphones are for listening, and not for talking.

Battery life is 13 hours, something I was impressed with. They aren’t too heavy, and it’s nice that you can wear them for a long time without the need of recharging them. In the packaging, you will get a charging cable, audio jack to use for wired devices, and a manual.

All in all, I’m impressed with BlitzWolf’s first over ear headphones. For £32.992, you’ll get a brilliant pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can purchase the BlitzWolf BW-HP1 for £32.99 off of Amazon.

You can also view them on the official website, and on Banggood.

I use a bag from a pair of old Skullcandy headphones.

  1. At time of writing.