My Android Home Screen

Recently I did an iOS homescreen post, showcasing all the apps I had on my iPad. I don’t actually use iOS on my phone, I use an Android phone (I’m hoping to get an iPhone later this year too) so today I thought that I would showcase what’s in my Android homescreen. The order is row to row, left to right.

The first thing that you will notice is that I don’t have that many apps on my home screen. This is because I don’t really use my phone that much, as often I have my iPad on me. My second page on my phone is mostly folders, for stuff like social apps and utilities that I don’t really use that much. I’m also running Android 7 on my phone.

At the top I have the Google search bar for quick and easy searches on the go. Below that, my second row starts.

First row

The first app I have is Twitter. I have it in the corner as it allows for easy and quick access to the app, do I can check our what’s going in in the world quickly and easily. It also allows me to easily send out a quick tweet.

The next app I have is Reddit. I’m a big user of Reddit, so I have it there when I want to check out the sired ditsy I subscribe to.

I use Google Photos on my phone to view and manage all my photos. I really like the editor it has built into it, and I find it useful that I can iPad photos to the cloud so I can access them on all my devices.

Of course, I have YouTube if I want to watch a video whilst I’m on the go.

I use Chipolo a lot, and it has saved me a lot of times when I’ve lost or can’t find something. Having it in my homescreen gives me easy access to the app, so I can quickly and easily find it if I need to find an item or device.

Second row

My second row only had two apps in it, as it’s a location that isn’t very easy to access with one hand so it’s where apps I use a bit less go.

The Play Store is there so I can get apps when I need them, and it’s in the second row because I use it quite a bit but not multiple times everyday.

Google Calendar is my calendar app on Android, and I check up on it in the morning before I go to school.

The middle

I have the clock widget in the mode of the screen as it’s somewhere that’s not easily accessible with one hand, so I just fill it with the time so it’s easy to check.

Third row

On the third row are apps that I use a lot, as it gives me easy access to those apps..

The first app is Evernote, an app that I use tons of times a day for quick notes and editing existing notes. I really like the Android widget it has, so I have one in my lock screen for quick note and photo adding to Evernote.

I’ve recently started using Habitica to track my habits and daily lists. I love it as it’s a gamified task manager and I can upgrade my guy with armour and all sorts of cool stuff. You can also do boss fights which means that you can get more equipment. The gameification motivates you to complete your goals, dailies and todos.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and on my phone I use Podcast Addict. It’s a great free podcast app that works well, and has all the features I need. I can subscribe to podcasts I listen to, download them on my device, and listen to them on the go.


I have four apps on my dock, and I can’t seem to fit more in which is a little annoying as there is loads of space in the dock.

Chrome is the first app – I like Chrome on Android as I can set it as the default browser, and then all my history, bookmarks and pages sync between by computer and phone.

Next is Gmail. I don’t really like the app, but it does the job until I can find a better app on Android.

I then have Todoist, which I often access on my phone to add quick reminders or check reminders off. I have it in my dock so I can access it on any page on my phone, so it’s really easy and quick to access.

Finally, I have the camera. I take a lot of photos on my phone, so I leave the camera in the dock in case I want to quickly take a photo.

So thats my Android phones home screen! I mostly use my phone for listening to podcasts, and adding notes and tasks on the go when I don’t want to take out my iPad, so thats why I don’t have that many apps on it. It also doesn’t have a lot of storage.

Thanks for reading!