Getting the Most out of Todoist Filters

Todoist has many powerful features, and filters are one of them. Filters allow you to create custom filters that filter down tasks according to what you set. You can set filters to only show tasks with labels, or to show tasks with a certain date. You could think of them as saved searches – if you use a certain search over and over again, you could save it as a filter.

I’ll give an introduction on filters, then go into some examples and how I use them in this post.

Todoist filters are a premium Todoist feature – if you don’t have Todoist Premium, you can check out my in-depth post on Todoist here; it’s a great program, and I urge you to check out Premium!

Filters allow you to quickly save and refer to searches that you do on a regular basis. This is really useful as you can quickly bring up tasks with certain labels, due date, priority level and many more. This Todoist support page goes over the many types of links you can use.

It’s very easy to set up filter in Todoist – you just tap on the plus button to create a new filter, and then enter what you want in the Query box. Todoist offers a page with all the types of queries you can use, which was linked above.

I’ve found that I have been using Todoist a lot, and I’ve also been using filters more. They allow me to break down tasks into manageable lists, and see what I can do where. You can check out what filters I use below.

My most used filter is the ‘Next’ Filter. This filter shows me tasks that I have scheduled for the current day, and the next day. To get it, simply put today, tomorrow in the query box. Then, Todoist finds the tasks with a due date of today and tomorrow, and shows them on the screen. I find this useful as if I still have time after completing my tasks for one day, I can go and complete the tasks I have the next day.

The next filter I use is the ‘Overdue’ filter. I don’t often have overdue tasks, but if I do I like having a filter that allows me to see them all at once. To get this filter, simply put ‘over due’ into the query box.

I use priority flags a lot in Todoist, and having a filter that allows me only to see tasks with the top priority flag comes in very handy. This lets me see all my crucial tasks, and it lets me know what I need to get done. Once again, it’s pretty easy to set this up – just type priority 1 into query box.

My next filter is ‘Weekend tasks’. This filter shows tasks that are due on Saturday and Sunday, and I find this useful as it allows me to clear up my weekend to do things I enjoy, and not school work. I often move tasks out of this filter into the week, so I can work on them and have a free weekend. This filter takes advantage of the date query, and I have sat, sun in the query section.

A few of the filters I have are just general ones, that show tasks with no due date, or no labels. I like this as I can see tasks that I have not scheduled, and maybe adjust their due date if needs be. I also like the ‘no labels’ filter as it lets me look over those tasks and see if I need to assign a label to them.

My final filters are one’s for my devices. I have one which is called ‘Online iPad’. This filter brings up all my tasks with the label ‘online’ and ‘ipad’, and these are tasks that I have to have my iPad online to complete. I also have one for my computer. This is pretty useful as it lets me complete those certain tasks when I am at my computer or iPad, and do them before I go offline.

Those are my filters! I hope they gave you some ideas on how to set up yours. Think of things you often refer to, and make filters for those. They come in pretty handy!

I hope you found this post useful, and thanks for reading!

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