Evernote | 4 Tips & Tricks for Students – Francesco D’Alessio

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Organising is something that most college and high schools don’t get, but seeing as you are here, you obviously want to start getting organised for your college experience. Being a student can be tough with lots of coursework, exams and pressure from lecturers. So in this feature, we’re going to help you organise your Evernote content.

My name’s Francesco D’Alessio. I’m a student in the UK covering productivity apps and resources on YouTube. I discovered Evernote in 2013 when I started high-school. I had some fantastic success with it.

In this video we’ll run over some fundamental ways to organising your Evernote account. There are the tips and tips mentioned in the video:

1. Create an overview

2. Capture audio from lectures

Save entire lectures just using audio — perfect for revision.

3. Create a daily journal

Zen out and relax by spending some time in the morning expressing your feelings.

4. Store important documents in Evernote

Save useful documents inside of Evernote for the moments you need them.

Thank you so much for reading and watch my new series: Evernote for Students on YouTube for weekly features on how to expand your Evernote usage at college.

Thank you to Giacomo and the Nerdy Student team for having me here.

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Francesco 🙂