6 Features and Changes I Would Love to See in Evernote

    Evernote is a great app to take notes anywhere you are, from your phone to your desktop. Whilst it is already packed with features, there are many features I would love to see added, and this post has the top five I would like to see.

    Markdown support or headers

    I use a ton of headers when using Evernote. At the moment, I either have to use Drafts 4 to take notes on my tablet, or struggle around with font sizes, bold and underlining on my pc. It would be great if Evernote added native markdown support, or even header 1, header 2 and more. It would help me to get notes down quicker, and I know many other people would also love to see this feature.

    Office documents shown better

    Whilst Evernote does have nice support for Office documents, being able to search them and all, it would be great if the documents had a preview in the note, sort of like PDF files do. Some of my Word files in Evernote have similar file names, so I have to go around and open every one of them up. With a preview, I could quickly find the one I wanted.

    Presentation mode and PDFs

    I know this is possible, as I have seen it working on the Mac version. On Windows presentation mode, clicking on a pdf opens it in an external PDF viewer program, in my case Foxit Reader. This firstly does not look great, and sometimes its quite slow. It would be great if the PDF’s were shown in the presentation mode, and you did not have to open them in another app.

    Remove the ‘Expunging notes’ when deleting notes

    This is one of my major annoyances. When I delete notes on Windows, it comes up with a windows saying ‘Expunging notes’, with a loading bar in it. Firstly, it takes ages for even one or two notes, and secondly and mainly, you can’t use Evernote whilst this thing is up. Older versions of Evernote for Windows never had it, and I don’t see why this one has to have it either.

    Universal font sizes

    I’ve noticed that the font sizes on the web client are different to the Windows app font sizes, and the iOS app does not even have font sizes. I’d love Evernote to sort this out, and make font size ’10’ the same size across all platforms. It really makes your notes look messy when you start a note on your pc, and end it at school on the web version, as all the font sizes are different.

    A button for superscript and subscript on all platforms

    I’m pretty sure that you can get a keyboard shortcut on Windows that allows you to add superscript and subscript in your notes, but you can’t on iOS. I use my iPad as my main device at school, and often I have to use Latex to add superscript and subscript. I would love to see support for this on the iOS version, as it would make chemical equations and the like a lot easier to do.

    So those were the top things I would love to see in Evernote! Obviously, I’d also like to see improvements to the Windows app, such as bug fixes and more, but these features and changes would really improve Evernote for me.

    Thanks for reading!

    What would you like to see added to Evernote? Feel free to comment below!