Wunderlist or Todoist? You Decide!

    I’m having another one of those moments. I don’t know which task manager to go with. My two option are:

    1. Wunderlist
    2. Todoist
    I currently use Wunderlist, but I checked out Todoist and really like the look of it.

    Why I want to stay with Wunderlist

    1. It has tons of free features. And I mean tons of them – with Todoist, you have to pay for most of the features that Wunderlist gives out for free.
    2. The team is awesome. The Wunderlist team is an awesome team. They are ‘personal’, sort of like Slack, and they make the product with love.
    3. It’s the one I use now. I use it now, but don’t let that put you off. I am happy to change.

    Why I want to switch to Todoist

    1. I prefer the look. It looks cleaner, and I just prefer the way the tasks are shown.
    2. It has Karma and stats. I love stats, and I’m a huge stats nerd.
    3. It has IFTTT integration. This is the big player for me. This means I can link it up to Github, Evernote, and more.
    So which one should I go with? Vote in the poll below!