Why a Notebook Is a Great Companion to Pokémon

    Pokémon is a great game, and I love it. A notebook can be a great companion to your game.
    I use a black Moleskine pocket edition notebook, as it fits nicely into my Nintendo’s case. At the start, I have a page dedicated to each Pokémon in my team. I have a drawing of them, their stats at Level 100 (which they all are), the move set that I want them to have or breed into them and a notes section. This page helps me to see what I have to do with Pokémon, and what I should EV train them. It also means that I can keep track if what I have to do with Pokémon (I do use Things by Cultured Code (which is my task manager of choice) to track some of my Pokémon tasks, but I also like having them in my notebook so all my Pokémon stuff is in one place) and see where items can be obtained for them. 
    The notes section below each Pokémon is also extremely useful. For example, if I want to get a TM for Suker Pumch for Haunter (I don’t know why you would), I could jot down the location below Haunter in the notes section. When I look at Haunter, I can see all the stuff I have about him. 
    Having a notebook also means that you can have a weakness table, which is great when you are training and have not yet learnt the weaknesses and strengths yet. If you’ve played Pokémon for a while, you probably won’t need this. 
    One of the things I do with my notebook is put a map of the region in. I have a map for all the regions, but that is because I own all the games. If you only own one or two of the games, there’s not really any point in having maps for regions you don’t play in. 
    Those are just the first few pages of my notebook. You can have way more, such as info and Pokémon for the gym leaders you have yet to battle if you’re still playing the story, or capture locations for a Pokémon that you want. 
    And, a plus of getting Moleskine Pocket edition is that it fits inside a large case, even if you have the Moleskine three pen accessory on it (if your case is like mine, sorry, can’t find the link).

    Thanks for reading!

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