Pokémon in the Spotlight: Salamence!

    Salamence is a great dragon type Pokémon that will help you get an upper hand in your battles.

    Salamence has both a normal evolution, and a mega evolution, which means that it would be a great Pokémon to have as your mega in your team. However, it’s also a very popular Pokémon, so you may want to set up your team so that it can be easily defeated.

    Salamence has very high attack, and decent special attack, but it lacks on defence and special defence, so you may want to cover those two areas. When Salamence mega-evolves, all of it’s stats shoot up, and it has very high attack and special attack, as well as good defense.
    • Dragon Dance
    • Roost
    • Double-Edge
    • Earthquake
    Above is the suggested moveset. Dragon Dance means that Salamence’s speed and attack are boosted, and means that you can get some very hard hits onto the opponent. Roost allows Salamence to recover HP in battle, and keep the HP level up and Salamence fresh. Double-edge is very powerful, but the recoil can be irritating. Earthquake hits all the Pokémon on the field, and is very powerful. However, keep in mind that it will hit your other Pokémon if you are in a double battle, so make sure you use it when your other Pokémon is a flying type, or has an ability such as Levitate.
    Salamence is a great Pokémon, and is very powerful, even when it’s not mega-evolved. I suggest you try it out and see how it goes!
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