TCG: Azumarill!

    Azumarill is a Water type Pokémon that evolves from Marill. This card is #114, in EX Delta Species. It is a Rare Holo card.

    This Azumarill has 70 HP, and is a water type. It is weak to Electric type Pokémon. It has one move, however it does have a Poké-Body. It requires one Colourless energy to retreat it.

    Azumarill’s Poké-Body is Thick Fat 0 damage done to Azumarill by Fire and Water type Pokémon is reduced by 30. This is a pretty good Poké-Body, as it can take most of the power out of normal Fire and Water type Pokémon.

    Azumarill’s single move is Bubblebeam. Bubblebeam has a high energy cost for the damage it does, which is 40, but it does have a chance of paralysing your opponents Pokémon. It costs two Water energy, and one Colourless energy.

    This Azumarill is a pretty good Pokémon. It has one good move, and a useful Poké-Body. It’s retreat cost is low for it’s moveset and HP. I would recommend that if you are building your deck you try it out, as a defense Pokémon against Water and Fire types when you are trying to develop your bench.

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