Pokémon TCG: Dugtrio!

    Today we will be checking out the Dugtrio Pokémon card! This one’s from the EX Crystal Guardians, and is #5/100. It’s a Rare Holo card.

    Dugtrio is a fighting type, and it comes with 70 HP. It has two moves, one of which is pretty powerful, and also has a pretty good Poké-Body – Sand Veil.

    Dugtrio’s first move is Dig Under, and it uses one Fighting energy and one Colourless energy. It allows you to choose any of your opponent’s Pokémon, active or benched, and do 30 damage to them. It’s also not effected by Weakness or Resistance.

    Dugtrio’s second move is Double-edge, which does 60 damage, but also does 10 damage to Dugtrio. It requires one Fighting energy and two Colourless energy.

    Dugtrio’s Poké-body is Sand Veil. It prevents all damage done to benched Pokémon by your opponent. This can be pretty useful, as some moves damage benched Pokémon.

    Dugtrio’s a pretty good Pokémon, but it is let down by Double-edge, where it does 10 damage to itself.

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