How I Use Trello to Manage My Goals

Trello is a great tool to manage your things. You can use it for anything, from writing essays to setting goals – which is what today’s post is about. Read on to find out how I use Trello to manage my goals!

The board I use for goals is named Goals – for obvious reasons. I usually check the board every week, and make new goals on new years. I also archive all the goals in my ‘Archive’ list on New Year’s day.
I have a ‘Personal’ list, which is where all my personal goals go. Then is my ‘School’ list, which is where all the school related goals go, such as wanting to get better results in homework and exams. My ‘Blog’ list is where all my blog related goals go, for example page view aims and email subscription aims (you can subscribe here). Next is my ‘Cycling’ list. Here all the goals related to cycling go, such as races to participate in and aims for my training. Finally is the ‘Archive’ list. All the goals that I have completed go here. I archive everything on the list on New Year’s day.
I put the mountains as a background because I like the image, and I also find it relaxing.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the post!
How do you use Trello? Please feel free to comment below!