Organize Your Things Visually with Trello

Trello is a great tool to allow you to organize your notes, files and pictures or anything else visually.

Trello is a great tool which allows you to visually create lists and cards. You can use it for big projects to having your recipes. Its all sorted visually, and is very flexible and easy to use.

When you click on a card, a detailed view comes up. In this view you can add tags, attachments, comments, todo lists and lots more.
If you’re working on a project, you can click on ‘Members’ to assign a person that task. They can comment on the task, and also add a checklist which they can check them off. You can add todos by clicking ‘Checklist’. The ‘Due Date’ button allows you to add a date which it is due, and the ‘Attachment’ button allows you to add any files, from pictures to applications. You can move the card, copy it, and subscribe to updates. This means that you get an alert every time something is changed.
Trello also comes with power-ups, which allow you to add some cool features to your board. The Card Aging comes in handy if you have a blog or like to cook, as you can see what you need to post or what you haven’t cooked in a while.
Trello is a great piece of kit. You can take a tour of it on the Trello website here
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