Pokémon TCG: Finneon!

    Finneon is a Water type basic Pokémon. The Finneon I am checking out today is from XY—Phantom Forces, #18/119, and is common.

    This Finneon is not great. It only has one move and 50 HP, but that’s normal for a basic Pokémon. Finneon is weak to Grass type moves, which do double damage.


    Finneon only does one move, Pound. This does 10 damage, and requires one Water type card. And that’s all it’s moves!
    All in all, this Finneon is not the best Finneon card. I would suggest that you try to get a different one, as they have better moves. The only reason I would use this card is to evolve it into Lumineon, but I certainly would not use it in a competitive deck.

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