TCG: Seismitoad!

    Seismitoad is a very powerful Pokémon which was introduced in Black and White. I will be looking at the Black & White—Dragons Exalted, #36/124 card type.

    Seismitoad is rare.

    Seismitoad has high HP, which is 140. It has two very strong attacks, Echoed Voice and Drain Punch.

    Grass type attacks do double the amount of damage on Seismitoad, so you will want to watch out for Grass type Pokémon. The retreat cost is two Colourless damage.


    Seismitoad’s first move is Echoed Voice, which does 50 damage and uses 3 Colourless energy. The best thing about the move is that on your next turn, Seismitoad does 50 more damage. This move can be very powerful, and can give you the edge.
    Drain Punch is a great move, as it does 80 damage, and also heals 20 damage from Seismitoad. This means that if Seismitoad is pretty damaged, you can still fight whilst healing yourself. This move uses 1 Water energy and 3 Colourless energy. This is the other great thing about Seismitoad; you only need 1 Water type energy, meaning that you will probably be able to use most of Seismitoad’s moves.
    Seismitoad is a great Pokémon, and if you can get your hands on the card, it would really make an edge to your game.
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