My Favorite Pokémon Features – New and Old

    Pokémon has evolved drastically since I got my first game, Pokémon Pearl. There are many features I love, which have not been brought forward to the new games (I’m hoping that they will take some of these features into the next main story game). Below are my top 5 favourite features from any of the main story games.

    Having a bike with changing gears – Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

    I loved the way you could change gears on the bike in Diamond and Pearl. I found that changing to a slower gear whilst navigating a tricky bit of road was a great addition.

    Having your Pokémon walk behind you – Pokémon SoulSilver & HeartGold

    I found it really cool that when you would walk around you would have your lead Pokémon following you around, and that it could interact with you and find items for you. I also liked that they would react to different areas they were in; such as if they were in a cave, they might be ‘uncomfortable’.

    The Pokémon Centre and the store being in the same place – Pokémon X & Y

    This was great, as it meant that after healing your Pokémon you could then go buy some goodies. This saved loads of time as the Pokémon Centre and the store were in the same building, meaning that you did not have to run to the other side of the town just to get some full restores.

    Being able to change clothing – Pokémon X & Y

    Changing clothing was a great feature in Pokémon X & Y; it let you customize your character to make it more personal. It was also a great way to waste the huge sums of money you had sitting around after you finished the game.

    Reusable TMs – Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    Reusable TMs are a new and great feature. Good TMs cost a fortune, so it is great that you can buy one and use it on as many Pokémon as you want, saving you a ton of money.

    So, those are my favourite features. I hope the old ones will be in the new game!

    Thanks for reading!

    What are you’re favourite features? Feel free to comment below!