TCG: Fly to the Top with Flying Pikachu

    Pikachu is one of the most loved Pokémon. But who can beat a flying Pikachu?

    Flying Pikachu comes from Platinum—Rising Rivals, and is Rare Halo. It is # 113/200.

    One of the things many Pokémon players will know is that Pikachu has rubbish stats; Pikachu has 40 HP and costs one energy to retreat. It has a resistance of -30 damage against Fighting type attacks.

    > Moves

    Pikachu has two moves; Thundershock and Fly. Thundershock does 10 damage. If you flip a coin, if heads, your opposing Pokémon is now paralyzed. 
    Pikachu’s next move is Fly; this does 30 damage, but only if you get heads when you flip a coin. If you get a tails, the attack does nothing. If you flip heads, you do 30 damage to the other Pokémon, and any attacks or effects done to Flying Pikachu the next turn have no effect.
    Flying Pikachu has a pretty good moveset, but its HP lets it down. If you want, you can try one out in your deck and see how it goes!

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