Gym in the Spotlight: Sootopolis City

    The Sootopolis City gym is the last gym, so it’s the hardest! This gym is Water type, so you will want to bring along Electric and Grass types.

    The leader is Wallace, and all his Pokémon are Water type. Therefore, you want to take Electric and Grass type, so you can hit them with super-effective moves. Wallace has 5 Pokémon.

    • Luvdisc (Lvl. 44)
    • Whiscash (Lvl. 44)
    • Sealeo (Lvl. 44)
    • Seaking (Lvl. 44)
    • Milotic (Lvl. 46)

    Make sure your Pokémon are at least Lvl. 50 before you challenge him.

    Wallace will take out Luvdisc first. You’ll want to watch out for its attract, as this can incapacitate you Pokémon. After you take out Luvdisc, he will take out Whiscash. Make sure you don’t use an Electric type moves, as they have no effect, as Whiscash is a ground type Pokémon. When you’ve taken out Whiscash, Wallace will take out Sealo. Sealo is a Ice and Water type. Watch out for his Body Slam move. Next up is Seaking, who is relatively easy to take out. Last up is Milotic, which is the hardest Pokémon Wallace has. Milotic will keep using the move Recover to keep its health up, so you want a powerful Stab move to take it out in one or to goes.

    Once you have defeated Wallace, you will obtain HM05 (Waterfall) and you will get the rain badge. You next challenge is the Pokémon League!

    All in all, Sootopolis city gym is relatively easy, being the last gym. Make sure you take enough items to heal yourself and revive you Pokémon if you get into a tricky spot. If you want to check out my must have items for the Pokémon League post, you can check out my post here.

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