TCG: Take out opponents with Marowak

    Marowak is a card not to be taken lightly.

    Marowak comes from HS – Triumphant extension pack, number 44/103. It is uncommon.

    It has 90 HP, and two moves. It is weak to Water, and resistant to Electric type moves. Its retreat cost is one Colourless energy.

    > Moves

    Marowak is armed with two extremely powerful moves: Bonemerang and Bone Impact.

    Bonemerang is Marowak most powerful move when there is no Stadium card in play. It does 60 damage, times the number of heads you get. So, if you’re lucky and you get two heads, the move does 120 damage.

    Bone Impact is great if the opponent has a vital Stadium card in play. The move does 20 damage plus 60 if a Stadium card is in play. The Stadium card then has to be discarded, which means that you might mess up your opponents strategy.

    So, you might want to consider adding Marowak to your deck.

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