Gym in the Spotlight: Lavaridge Town

    Lavaridge Town gym is a Fire type gym, so you want Water, Ground and Rock type Pokémon.

    The Lavaridge Town gym is located in the mountainside town of Lavaridge Town. The puzzle of the gym is to go through two separate floors to reach the Gym Leader.

    > Flannery

    Slugma (Lvl. 26) – Fire
    Numel (Lvl. 26) – Fire / Ground
    Torkoal (Lvl. 28) – Fire
    Use a water Pokémon to take out Numel, as the moves will be 4x effective. The entire team tries to use Sunny Day throughout the battle, which will weaken Water type moves whilst strengthening Fire type moves, so you want to take out the Pokémon quickly so that they do not use it. Use Water, Rock or Ground moves to take out Slugma and Torkoal.
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