TCG: Wreck Your Opponent with Haunter

    Haunter can take out your opponents Pokémon even if their on the bench.

    Haunter comes from the Platinum – Arceus extension pack, and is number 41/111. It is uncommon.

    Haunter has 70 HP, and is Psychic. It is weak to Dark Pokémon and has a resistance to Colourless moves.

    > Moves

    Haunter has one move which is Tongue Spring. This move requires one Psychic energy and one Colourless energy. Tongue Spring enables you to choose one of your opponents, from the Bench or the Active Pokémon.
    Haunter has a Poké-Body which is Hidden Poison. If Haunter is attacked, the Pokémon which attacked it gets poisoned.
    All in all, Haunter is a very powerful Pokémon even though it might not look like one.
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