TCG: Beat your opponents with Seviper!

    Seviper is a Pokémon which can add an edge to your game.

    This card can be found in the EX Power Keepers. It is number 23/108. It is a Rare card.

    Seviper has 70 HP, a grass type and a basic Pokémon. It has no Poké-Body. It is weak to Psychic type Pokémon, and does not have a resistance.

    > Moves

    Seviper’s first move is Sharp Fang. It does 10 damage. This move is not amazing, but its good to use when building up energy for Seviper’s next move, Toxic. Toxic poisons the opponent, and instead of adding one damage counter to the opponent’s Pokémon between turns, two are added. Therefore, after poisoning your opponent, you might want to retreat Seviper to your bench (keep in mind that this will cost you an energy card).

    Seviper is a great card that can prepare your stronger Pokémon for a quick kill, or if you are on your last legs. Try it in your deck and see how it goes!

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