Annotate Images Easily Using Skitch

    Skitch is an application made by Evernote which allows you to easily annotate images, and then save them to Evernote or to your computer.

    The Skitch application on Windows

    You may have seen on many of my blog posts that bits and pieces are pixelated, have squares and arrows pointing to them, and this is all done with Skitch.

    Skitch is also built into Evernote, and this allows you to directly annotate images in the Evernote client. If you are a premium user (try Evernote Premium out for one month free by using this link), you will be able to annotate PDFs in the Evernote client, or in Skitch for iOS or Android. After the PDF has been annotated, you will get an annotation summary, which will indicate things such as how many of the tick stamps you used, how many question mark stamps you used, and how many highlights you made, for example.

    An annotated PDFs summary

    Skitch is a great tool for students and teachers that want to point out objects in images in a clear and professional way. You can download it for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

    Feel free to share how you use Skitch in the comments below!