Toolbox Pro Review

I’ve been using Shortcuts ever since it was Workflow – it’s helped me streamline a lot of things that I do on a daily basis, including tagging and sorting my notes and framing screenshots.

Toolbox Pro extends Shortcuts by providing 50 more advanced functions for the app to use, such as advanced reminders integration, natural language and much more. Toolbox Pro plugs into Shortcuts to extend upon what it already offers.

Opening up Toolbox Pro shows the large amount of utilities that you can pick, and selecting one gives in-depth details on what the action does, as well as examples. It also shows where the action is free, runs in Shortcuts or in Toolbox Pro, and whether or not it requires a network connection to run. In addition to this, various simple and complex examples are given by the app that you can download into Shortcuts, making it easy to see how to use the actions.

One of the best features of Toolbox Pro is the global variables shortcut – these are variables that Toolbox Pro syncs across your devices using iCloud, and can be saved in a permanent state. In addition to this, there are several other useful addons that Toolbox Pro supplies. If you want to find out about all of them, you can do so here.

The remove duplicates action is useful as it allows you to remove duplicate items from a list of files, and the remove emoji action is useful for stripping a selection of special characters. OCR recognition allows you to take any piece of text, and have it scanned by the app.

To conclude, Toolbox Pro is a brilliant app for those who are already extensive users of Shortcuts and want more. It expands upon Shortcuts and provides powerful actions that can be used to improve how you use Shortcuts.

Toolbox Pro is free on the App Store, with a £4.99 in app purchase that allows you to unlock the more powerful actions the app offers.