Infuse 6 Review

Infuse is for people with large local media libraries. For those who use Plex, have shows on USB sticks or cloud storage, Infuse is perfect for. With the ability to get content from FTP to cloud storage, Infuse is the perfect media for solution for people who want to watch their local library on the go.

Simply start of by pointing the app to your sources, and it’ll take nearly everything, from a USB plugged in a router, to a WebDAV server.

After you set up your sources, Infuse will pick up the cover art, metadata, and organise your library. This is really well done. Let’s say you have a few Mr Robot episodes, each lacking metadata, cover art, etc. Infuse will fetch genres, cover art, better titles, and so much more. Infuse will organise your entire collection into a minimal interface that’s really easy to use. In addition to this, you can use various different views, and sorting methods, to refine your collection. You can also make edits to individual items in case Infuse rarely gets it wrong.

On the Pro version, this will sync across devices. If you start watching on your Apple TV, and then move to your iPhone, you’ll be able to pick it right up and keep watching.

As a person who watches a lot of anime, one of Infuses greatest features is the great management it has of both subtitles and soundtracks. You can completely change your subtitle font, as well as select the audio channel (in my case, between the sub and the dub). If you want subs, you can grab them from a large database of subtitles. You can also change subtitle timings, in case they show too early or late. This is all really impressive for shows that are hard to understand, or for those who like to watch subbed shows.

Another great feature of Infuse is its wide range of media files it can play. I’ve played files from the standard MP4 to ISO files. Infuse has played everything I’ve thrown at it, no matter the weird and wonderful file format.

The player also supports gestures to quickly move progress, or change volume and brightness.

Finally, I’d like to mention the brilliant Trakt integration Infuse has. Trakt let’s you scrobble all your shows and films automatically if you want, which really streamlines using Trakt to track your shows.

Infuse is a great media player. For those that have large local libraries, Infuse is great. It makes it easy to manage, and watch, content on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. With support for tons of media files, great subtitle and audio channel management, if you want an all in one media player on iOS, Infuse is for you.

You can get Infuse 6 for free. Or, you can upgrade to pro to get various features. Infuse offers both monthly (£0.99) and yearly plan (£9.99), and even better, a lifetime option for £24.99.

Ease of Use
infuse-6Infuse 6 is a great media player for those with large local libraries. With support for dozens of formats, you can play nearly every file in Infuse, all beautifully collected with automatic metadata and cover collection. Infuse 6 is the perfect media player for those on iOS and Apple TV.