Saddleback Leather Bifold Wallet – A Review

On the hunt for a new, durable wallet, I came across the Saddleback brand on Reddit. Despite the high prices, they clearly lasted for a long time, and the 100 year guarantee that comes with the wallet makes it even more of an investment. The wallet is made out of full grain cow leather, which means that it hasn’t been sanded or buffed, and as a result of not being over treated, it is a lot stronger. The wallet feels sturdy and well made – it uses marine grade thread, so the stitching, which is often the failure point for wallets, is incredibly tough.

For those looking for a wallet that will last them for the rest of their life, the Saddleback wallet is a great choice. It’s well made, and has a guarantee that covers issues with manufacturing that will keep you covered.

Firstly, the medium bifold wallet isn’t cheap – it’s $85, but for a wallet of this quality I believe that it’s worth it. The wallet has four card slots in total, with an ID pocket. I like that the pocket doesn’t have plastic, as this often gets clouded with age. Behind the card slots, there are pockets where you can put receipts, and more cards (I put my less used loyalty cards in one, and receipts in the other). The cash compartment is lined with pigskin leather, which is quite smooth, and makes pulling cash out easy. It’s also pretty big so you’ll be able to fit many notes in it.

I’ve often had wallets fail when the thread starts coming apart. However, the Saddleback Leather Bifold wallet uses marine grade threads, which is what is used in sails, and it is very well stitched together. In addition, if the threads come apart it is covered by the warranty.

The wallet is made from full grain cowhide leather, and as mentioned in the introduction, hasn’t been sanded or buffed. Because of this, the wallet is a lot stronger as it hasn’t been overly treated. As a result, it may take longer to break the wallet in, and the card holders are stiff when you first start using it, but it’s worth it as the wallet will last for a lot longer.]

However, the wallet is vegetable tanned, and this does mean that when it gets wet it develops permanent spots. This isn’t covered by the warranty, so you’ll want to be careful and not spill drinks on the wallet. I haven’t had an issue with the wallet when it’s been in my pocket in the rain.

Featuring RFID protection people won’t be able to skim your contactless cards, which is a real threat in today’s world. The wallet is still flexible and there are no solid plates in it however.

I’ve been using my wallet for a few weeks now and it’s starting to age nicely. The card slots have worn in nicely and now it’s really easy to slip my cards in. The ID window is really useful for showing ID in shops as I don’t have to root around for ID in my wallet and pull it out anymore. Stuffing receipts into the slots behind the card holders is great too, and I also have a Chipolo Card hidden in there if I lose my wallet. Less used loyalty cards can also be slipped behind.

For those looking for a wallet that will last them a lifetime, I cannot recommend the Saddleback Wallet more. After breaking it in it becomes soft and comfortable, and grows in beauty as you use it. This does come at a cost however, at $85. I do believe this is worth it however. The leather is incredibly high quality, and the workmanship is great, and is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

I’ll try to remember to do updates on the wallet in the future.

You can view and buy the wallet on the Saddleback site here.

saddleback-leather-wallet-reviewA great, tough, and well built wallet. Whilst it does take a while to break into, it looks great, and works great. A brilliant wallet choice for those who want it to last a lifetime.