Chipolo Card – A Slim Bluetooth Tracker to Help You Find Your Wallet

After changing from a store-bought wallet to the Saddleback Leather Wallet, the normal Chipolo Classic would not fit in the wallet. Luckily, I received a Chipolo Card that can easily fit in the wallet, being a small and slim card shaped item that I could slip behind the card pockets. With a battery life of 12 months, the Chipolo Card is a good choice if you want to keep track of your wallet.

I used to use my trusty Chipolo Classic as my wallet tracker, however when I got the new Saddleback wallet it wouldn’t fit. I got two Chipolo Cards, and put one in my wallet and one in my Kindle case. Upon receiving them, I was immediately surprised by the small size of the tracker, smaller than a credit card and nearly as thin.

If you don’t know what a bluetooth tracker is, it essentially connects to your phone, and you get alerted when you move in and out of range of the bluetooth tracker. Whilst this does come with issues, such as a range limitation, it’s useful if you drop your wallet or keys when you are out, and you can view their last known location and therefore increase the likelihood of finding them. I’ve accidentally dropped my keys before and Chipolo has helped me find them.

So, why the Chipolo Card? For me, I went with it as it is incredibly thin and easily fits in my wallet, being only 2.15mm thin. In addition, the battery in the Chipolo lasts for 12 months, and once it’s ran out, you can send it back to Chipolo and get another one for 50% off (with one costing £31). Whilst I would prefer to have a replaceable battery, I see why it cannot be replaced by the user. However, this size isn’t the only reason you may want to get the Chipolo Card. The speaker produces 90 DB of sound, and I often misplace my wallet in my room and this makes it a lot easier to find. In addition, the Chipolo Card has an IPx5 rating, so it can get wet and will continue to work.

The app is easy to use. You simply tap the plus button on the top right, and then the app searches for your Chipolo. Pairing takes a second or two, and the whole process is very smooth. Your Chipolo’s will then show up in a list, and tapping on one will show its location, and allow you to ring it.

The Chipolo app is easy to use, and makes it easy to pair new devices.

Chipolo let’s you change the icon for your Chipolo card, and I changed it to be a wallet as I put it in my wallet. In addition, you can switch to a map view to view all your Chipolos last seen locations on a map. Another feature of the Chipolo Card is that you can ring your phone from it. Double clicking on the button makes the card call your phone, so if you can’t find where you’ve put your phone, this will ring it even if it’s on silent.

The Chipolo Card is a great addition to the collection of Chipolos I already have. It’s an incredibly small card, and very thin so it can slip into my wallet and not add any bulk. It is incredibly loud, so I can hear it from a while away, and I have used Chipolo before to find where I put my bag or where I had accidentally dropped something and it worked great.

The Chipolo Card only comes in one colour, white, so that is something to consider if you like having many different colours.

For those who often drop things, or can’t find where they put something, the Chipolo is a great buy. It’s light, thin, and relatively affordable at £31. If you want something with a replaceable battery, and a more affordable option, I would recommend looking at the Chipolo Classic.

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