Put.io Review

Put.io is an interesting service that allows you to easily save files to the cloud, download torrents in less than a second due to server-side caching, and you can stream videos you upload directly from Put.io itself. In addition, RSS feeds can be watched to automatically download content.

Instead of downloading to your PC, you can download directly to Put.io and skip the need, and stream them directly to any device with a web browser. You can also set up a WebDAV server so you can access content through media browsers such as Infuse.

To download content, you can simply paste the link into a box to quickly start downloading it to your Put.io storage – note that popular media is quickly downloaded due to caching on the server, meaning you can get a 30 GB file in less than a second – something that always impresses me.

Put.io also allows you to share this media with friends, for 72 hours. This is a nice feature, so you can share media with your family or friends in case they want to watch it too. Put.io also allows you to download media offline onto your device, in case you want to watch it whilst you are flying.

If you use RSS, you can add it to Put.io to automatically download media when RSS is updated. I really like this feature – it allows you to download shows as soon as they are out.

A mobile app is also offered by Put.io, allowing you to stream content easily off the app. As mentioned before, Put.io supports both WebDAV and FTP, allowing you to link it easily to your favourite media players for seamless streaming. An API is also offered, allowing you to create your own apps to work better with Put.io.

All this being said, people will of course use the service to illegally torrent movies. Of course, the service has perfectly legitimate use like storing videos of family events, however it also works very well for movie torrenting.

I really like put.io – it’s easy to use, and the ability to link it to my favourite media player is great. However, I do think that there should be a cheaper plan, something around $20 a year – maybe with only 20 GB of storage, or something more affordable. This being said, I can understand if Put.io is unable to supply this, but it is something I’d like to see added.

Put.io is a premium only service, starting at $9.99 a month for 100 GB storage, increasing with price. Yearly plans are also available, and plans with more storage and features are also available.

Ease of Use
putioPut.io is a really good service, allowing it easy to use magnet links on the go. It also features the ability to use WebDAV and FTP to watch your programs on other apps. A really great app for those who requires it's features, however it is a little pricey.